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The Weeping Angel (1,0x0,70m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

On the order of the Supreme Ones, I had to paint this picture as the information for the people.  I treated this work not without pain in my soul.  Depicted in it is the Angel, holding our planet in his left hand in the period of activity of solar processes.  Depicted below the Angel is our galaxy the Milky Way.  If the galaxy is looked at from above, then it is spiral-shaped; however, since we are located inside it, we can see it in the elongated form.  Certainly, taking into account that our planet is the library of the Universe and that assembled on it are the samples of living and inanimate organisms from the entire Universe, the hope remains that the Supreme Ones again will devise and invent something in order to preserve the vital activity of our beautiful planet.  The dimensions of the picture are 1.00 m x 0.70 m.

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