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Lucifer (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

During my entire life I have been constantly asking the question: “Why everything happens with me not in the manner it does with other people?  Why have I had no friends and girlfriends, and men were given to me for three year periods and only for delivery of the child?”   Later another question came by: “Why hordes of extraterrestrial creatures keep coming to me, why can I hear the dead, and why do I communicate with the Father of the Universe and His children?  Who am I?  What for am I here?  And why am I so lonely on this planet?”
The common person will simply say: “She is out of her mind, she is not all there!”
About all that I always ask the Supreme Ones.  But all I hear is that I am in complete shipshape.  And at the slightest opportunity confirmations are provided through people, formulas, books, etc.
Then photographs, and at times they started leaving “putties” on my body after medical interventions.  I accumulate all such elements of their presence.
And once upon a time, when I got them with my questions, they gave me the answer.
I was talking over the telephone with a lady-friend of mine.  She also has art and part in my story.  All of a sudden I felt so strong a nausea, palpitation and headache that I became silent.  My interlocutress inquired what happened.  I had to describe my condition to her.
The advice was given to listen to the one who came.  Upon my agreement, telepathically and non-stop verses about me flowed as to: Who I am, what for I am here, and why all this happens with me.  Of course, I pronounced all those texts out loud, but the intonation and even the hoarseness in the voice were the evidence of the fact that my vocal chords were governed by a male.  Afterwards he introduced himself as St. Andrei the First Called.  The acquaintance of mine was astonished by the information and by from whom it proceeded none the less than I was.  But the living being is prone to challenge everything that may be out of the common.  And the energy input by the Supreme Ones for such an answer yielded no result.  And the flow of questions never slackened.
In May 2007, when I was in the hall, a miracle occurred, which gave birth to still more questions.  A loud pop stunned me; it was something like a “cracker” kids explode in the streets frightening passers-by.  Across the ceiling, swirling, fire started to swim, and, although it was late evening and the dark was growing, it became as light in the room as on a hot sunny day.  In front of me there appeared a man on the blindingly glaring throne of gold.  His hair was flying in beat with the motion of fire.  His left arm was bent in a godly sign, and in the right hand he was holding a sword iridescent with steel brilliance.  I was struck by his stern face full of authority and responsibility.  The eyes were without pupils and glowing with red fire.  And a rhombus was conspicuous on his apparel.  For some time I was watching him and he was watching me.  Then it was said: “This is thine throne!”  And he disappeared.
For a long time I was shocked and depressed.  And the image was as if standing before my eye.  Finally I understood that if I painted a picture of him, the vision would leave me alone and the life would go on in its due course.  But it was too little to depict.  I was tortured by the question: Who was that?
Searching the various esoterical sources I understood that it was Lucifer (exactly the name people call him).
The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m. This picture is not on sale!

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