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It’s Me (0.65х0.65m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

Every seven years of my life a creature comes to me; for a month it is always next to me.  In my childhood, it frightened me, causing inexplicable horror.  At the age of twenty-one, I began accepting it with laughter.  It is with me nowadays, sometimes accompanying me during my promenades.  However, more frequently without revealing itself, concentrating near me, and only sometimes reminding of its presence.
Once I recalled about this creature, attempting to proportion its mind with our terrestrial notions, and felt a strong emotion, my heart palpitated ever stronger as if before the advent of something elevated and respected.
Right before my eyes, filling the entire room, there arose It, filled with the energy of Amon Ra.
Each ball was pulsing, and liquid with small bubbles was running along the channels.  All this was in interaction and, apart from separate pulsations, created an immense pulsar in the aggregate of all its elements.  The spectacle was an improbable one; I felt sorry there were no photographs of this miracle, and on November 11, 2007, walking with my dog, I obtained a photo of that creature.  It seemed to try to demonstrate its grandeur in its immensity and singularity.
Almost always I have a camera handy, because after visiting Egypt I began hunting the unexplainable.  However, as a rule, they get in the picture where you expect them least of all.  So it happened that time, too.
The photograph, since it is two-dimensional, cannot reflect the full entirety of It.  However the fact is evident that it is visible; also, the diamond-shaped channels can be clearly seen.
In the picture “It’s Me”, this substance is on the left.
Drawn on the right is the creature that hovered above me in the swimming-pool of the hotel in the city of Urumqi (China).  I learned about it from the photograph, which is also described below.  This substance accompanies me in many places.  And when my children leave for somewhere, I beg it to control their safety, which is also reflected in the photographs.

The picture is sold and helps with a prosperity to the new owners. The size of a picture - 0.65х0.65m.

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