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The Manifestation (0.65х0.65m, canvas, oil, 2008) -

Travelling along East Tibet, in different monasteries I felt myself differently.  But one visit will remain in my memory as an indelible experience.
On 13 August 2007, in the Khumbum Monastery I encountered all the races that were cloned on the Earth.  In that monastery the ashes are kept of Zonkapa, the founder of Lamaism.  Having entered, I felt an intolerable nausea coming to my throat, pain as red-hot coals stuck into my head, the veins on my neck bulged, and my heart was about to stop.  I ran out, and waited for my friends, who had come from Almaty together with me.  I had to take time to “come to”.
Then we proceeded to another section of the monastery, but I made just a rapid round of it, feeling the calm energy.
There was a young man with us, and I taught him to identify the presence of extraneous energetics.  Quite frequently it was sheer laughter and resembling “the gut feeling” of the insane.  But he could unmistakably determine strange energy.
That time as well.  He followed me into that room, and with him were those, because of whom I terminated my visit of the monastery.  He called me to where the energy was “issuing” from; I felt the same state of my body as the day before.  In a hurry, having thrust my bag and camera into the hands of the girl, who was also from Almaty, losing my equilibrium from the energy, I hid my face with my hands and kept asking: “What for am I here?”  Something made the girl take pictures with my camera of that unremarkable place.
I vacated the room, and hardly had I stepped over the porch when Zonkapa began to conduct his conversation with me, not letting me to say a single word.  The conversation was out loud and it brought together the acolytes of the monastery and the gaping tourists.
Later, when we returned to the hotel, I reviewed the photographs in the camera and was astonished by the materials photographed by the acquaintance of mine.  In the photographs there were different persons, although on the wall nothing was depicted except for some drawing on the ceiling and Zonkapa’s gypsum trunk.
In order to report these manifestations to the people, I painted a picture based on the photograph.
In the centre there is Ishvara, the planetary prince of our planet (the Hindus call him Shiva).  On the right there is the first race (the Plasmoid Boneless Race).  Further on the right, on Ishvara’s face, there is the second race (the Androids).  On the left there is the third race (the Lemurians).  And above is the fourth race (the Atlantes).
The Supreme Ones told me about the races, highlighting the places in the photograph by radiance.  The photograph is attached.  And the picture is entitled exactly like that: “The Manifestation”.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.65 m x 0.65 m.

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