Магистр высшей магии, Хотея поможет вам в ваших проблемах. Также вы сможете прикоснуться к сокралам неизвестного и понять что такое истина, через учения и картины. В Галереи вы сможете подобрать для себя картину по душе, которая принесет вам счастье и благополучие. Хотея, ufo-hoteya, магические картины, галерея, картины иных миров, потусторонние миры, истинная религия, новая религия, демоны, боги, исцеление, магия, алматинская целитильница, исцеление в алмате, иные миры, решение любых проблем, алмата, алматы, отворот, снятие порчи и сглаза, магистр высшей магии, нло, уфо

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The Planet of the Aliens 3 (0,45х0,55m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

Description: the dimensions of the painting are 0.45 by 0.55 m.  Almost a year ago, yet other guests from the alternate world demonstrated their planet to me.  It is unknown what galaxy it belongs to and what its name is.  However, being there on that planet created the sensation of being in the antiworld.  Roots of trees stuck out of the planet and they explained to me that the true living world was inside the planet.  I was invited to set foot onto a live tongue protruding out of a cockleshell.  I had to lie down on it, and then it would suck me into the cockleshell.  That way I would be able to penetrate into the inside of that planet.  But I was scared of the uncertainty and, having refused to visit their world, I stepped down from the tongue.  Of course, no harm would have been inflicted to me because I had visited scarier planets before.  But the uncertainty is always scary.  Even inside a fine body, I was feeling a subconscious fear for my life.

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