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The Potalo Monastery (0.65х0.65m, canvas, oil, 2008) -

On 13 August 2007 I was walking in the evening past the Potalo Monastery. It is in Lhasa (East Tibet). My friends and I decided to take the pleasure of the Tibetan air. By 2200 hours I already had to be in my bed, but that time I disregarded the day regimen. Suddenly in the clear sky within seconds clouds gathered together and it pored. I hastily photographed the monastery and the roadway across. We jumped in a rickshaw cart, but hardly had we reached the hotel, it stopped raining and the sky was all in bright, low-hanging stars. Alas, the desire to walk the city was no more, and I proceeded to my room.
When I started reviewing the photographs, there were no boundaries to my surprise. Hovering above the monastery was an enormous craft. And an enormous fireball was photographed at the side of the roadway. I hurried to share that with an acquaintance of mine, the two of us, happy, parted for the night thinking about alien creatures.
The monastery with the craft above it is depicted in the picture. The photograph is attached. The picture is called “The Potalo Monastery”.

The picture became the property of gallery of a city Gagarin to the Smolensk region.

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