Магистр высшей магии, Хотея поможет вам в ваших проблемах. Также вы сможете прикоснуться к сокралам неизвестного и понять что такое истина, через учения и картины. В Галереи вы сможете подобрать для себя картину по душе, которая принесет вам счастье и благополучие. Хотея, ufo-hoteya, магические картины, галерея, картины иных миров, потусторонние миры, истинная религия, новая религия, демоны, боги, исцеление, магия, алматинская целитильница, исцеление в алмате, иные миры, решение любых проблем, алмата, алматы, отворот, снятие порчи и сглаза, магистр высшей магии, нло, уфо

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There are we, and there are “Aliens”

By Ilmira Rafkat

Nobody already has any doubts about the fact that we, the Earthlings, are not one and lonely. In the enormous galaxy there are other worlds and forms of life, there exist “fine planes”, now superimposing, and then overflowing into one other. The astronomers speak about the existence of the tenth, the largest planet; they discovered the availability of water on Mars; scientists read footprints left by Yeti and search for ever new dates of the end of the world… The twenty-first century is to slightly open the curtain over the intriguing mysteries of the Universe. Much has not yet been explained, it is closed for the human consciousness and opens up only for those chosen one, whose mission is to share such knowledge. Hoteya is one of those, she is Master of the Supreme Magic, Category II Wushu Coach, and an amateur artist, whose creative and esoteric talents the Museum of Modern Art presented to the metropolitan public on 8 October 200x.

The characters in her pictures are gods, extraterrestrial creatures, great historical personalities, and saints. Hoteya herself provides explanations as follows: “Possibly, the out of the common subjects of my pictures astonished you. But this is the portrayal on the canvas of the absolutely real situations that I encounter. Never before have I studied painting, and only began to paint after the extraterrestrial creatures’ arrival… I do not set myself the objective of winning your sympathies by my pictures; but I aspire to deliver to you the information about this world with the help of my painting brush. It cannot be portrayed by words and gestures. It can only be relayed on the canvas via the colour and the subject-matter.

My dabbing the canvas with brush and paint commenced with the advent of the “Aliens”, and it is the chance granted to me by the Alternate World. It was not without excitement that Ms. Nellie Shivrina, Director of the Museum, introduced the author of the varnishing day, “similar to whom there has never been anyone yet”. But where else, if not in the Museum of Modern Arts? “Anything has a place to be”, as the saying goes, in the depictive skill all the more so, in addition, that the “unity is in the diversity”. The out-of-the common, strange pictures by Hoteya have no less stranger names: “The Admonition”, “The Alien-Geneticist”, “The Bark of Amon Ra”, “Lucifer”, The Manifestation”, “The Halls of Reconciliation-Decision of Fate”, and the like.

By the way, on the central canvas Hoteya depicted the instance of resolving her own fate – would she be granted permission to bear to people the obtained knowledge by the “Assembly of the Great”, who gathered aboard the ship of fate? Arguing there are Socrates and Einstein, Christ and Ra (the god of the Sun); depicted there are Judas Iscariot, the legionary, who accelerated the decease of Jesus and a lot of historical real and mythological characters, in the existence of whom, by the way, Hoteya herself has no doubts at all… The author is depicted in the centre: in one hand she is holding the rose – the symbol of terrestrial love, and in the other hand she is holding a pigeon – the image of godly love.

Hoteya preaches love of all, she admits all gods and religions, naming them the Supreme Ones, and she transfers to people the knowledge conformant with the ancient postulates of the righteous behaviour of man in the existing reality. Her appearance is the bright beauty of a mature woman; she strikes with intellect and social ease, with adequacy of behaviour and with calmness. In her journeys she borrows new knowledge of other worlds, meets the great guru and the initiated ones, surviving many tests intolerable for a common person. In her quests she visited the Tibet Mountains, the Easter Island, Peru, Egypt and Jordan, and many other countries where the ancient civilizations left their “imprints”.

“I understood: I know the truth. Some come to me to be treated, some come to solve problems. Many become my students. We combine Quantum Physics, Higher Mathematics, History, Religion, Philosophy, and Theology,” says Hoteya.

There is yet another surprising property of the painted by her pictures to sharply change lives of their new owners for the best. This was noted by the visitors of her first exhibition, held in the Central Exhibition Hall of Almaty.

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