Магистр высшей магии, Хотея поможет вам в ваших проблемах. Также вы сможете прикоснуться к сокралам неизвестного и понять что такое истина, через учения и картины. В Галереи вы сможете подобрать для себя картину по душе, которая принесет вам счастье и благополучие. Хотея, ufo-hoteya, магические картины, галерея, картины иных миров, потусторонние миры, истинная религия, новая религия, демоны, боги, исцеление, магия, алматинская целитильница, исцеление в алмате, иные миры, решение любых проблем, алмата, алматы, отворот, снятие порчи и сглаза, магистр высшей магии, нло, уфо

Main page Opinions The Nedelya v Astane Newspaper (On November, 1st, 2008)

People’s Artists

The Eternal Bonds


In the Museum of Modern Arts an out-of-the ordinary varnishing day was held – the personal exhibition of Hoteya, the artist from Almaty. In art critics’ opinions, imprinted in her pictures is something sacral, esoteric, may be, even something extramundane. What else would you call a similar phenomenon, which is surging literally from the depth of the very essence of the maestro, splashed out onto the canvas and leaving impression of stripping naked, at that absolutely sincere, her own soul? Each exhibition of hers, and at the first of them twenty-one pictures were exhibited, the author invariably provides with accompanying explanatory text: “As much as a lonely ant cannot perceive the magnitude of the forest and the planet where he lives, so unable are the people with their perception to embrace the Universe, within the organism of which they function. This world is always with you…” Wise philosophy, isn't that true? The right to reason so she is given to by the diploma of the Master of Predictions issued by the International Esoteric School, by the titles of the Bachelor of Practical Magic and of the Master of Supreme Magic. Before arriving to all this, Hoteya was initiated in Egypt, Jordan, East and Central Tibet, in Peru, Chile, on the Easter Island…

“You may be astonished by the out-of-the common subjects of my pictures” – so speaks Hoteya about her works. “But these are absolutely real situations, which I encounter! I have never studied painting and started creating the works, offered to your attention, only after the arrival of the creatures from the outer space. Yes, yes! I never even dream of winning your hearts by means of my pictures, but I would like to report to you the information about the world around us with the help of my brush and paints…”

By the way, intently and attentively looking at her pictures, you can reveal in them sufficiently high knowledge of not only psychological opening of the soul, expressed by bright colours, unsteady lines and especially by the very subjects, but also a fairly good knowledge of technical specifics of masterpieces.

In which case it would be good to note that in her out-of-the common creation Hoteya has been indulging only since last May. “…Although all this has been happening with me for many years already, I have never attributed to it any importance whatsoever,” shares the artist, “fireballs sprang out of my palms, household equipment used to ignite, and other anomalous things occurred”.

Nevertheless the creator’s gist is manifested in her very vividly, although the pictures are characterized by, there is such a term – specifically “female manner of painting”. Which is the penetration into the essence, elegant portrayal, and, if you please, of the “text” of her work, the selection of paints and subjects… The subjects that will make you , rouse somewhere deep inside, mandating to recall one’s past lives and to strive for the coming ones; the subjects, which, undoubtedly, will stir the deep memory of precisely of female visitors of the next maestro’s varnishing day party. Just to take only one picture, “The Appearance of Amon Ra” – the interaction of the two beginnings in nature, the eternal confrontation and at the same time confluence, subordination, leading, as it would seem, to absolutely unexpected, opposite results…

Widely-known indeed is that at the moment of creating his canvases, the maestro will imprint on them not only selected subjects, but also his (her) thoughts, tendencies, expectations, etc, i.e., the maestro literally paints with emotions and mental categories. And once it has been completed, nevertheless between the masterpiece and the artist the eternal bonds will prevail, which will neither be washed off by torrential rains nor incinerated by lightnings…

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