Магистр высшей магии, Хотея поможет вам в ваших проблемах. Также вы сможете прикоснуться к сокралам неизвестного и понять что такое истина, через учения и картины. В Галереи вы сможете подобрать для себя картину по душе, которая принесет вам счастье и благополучие. Хотея, ufo-hoteya, магические картины, галерея, картины иных миров, потусторонние миры, истинная религия, новая религия, демоны, боги, исцеление, магия, алматинская целитильница, исцеление в алмате, иные миры, решение любых проблем, алмата, алматы, отворот, снятие порчи и сглаза, магистр высшей магии, нло, уфо

Main page Opinions The Izvestia v Kazakhstane Newspaper (On July, 11th, 2008)

The Ultramundane in Pictures

Imprinted on these canvases there is something sacral, esoteric, ultramundane, supermundane – call it whatever you want. The pictures strike with their brightness of colours and with the sufficiently high level of technical craftsmanship. This is the exhibition of the paintings by Hoteya, the master of supreme magic, who had never been trained to draw.

By Vera Petrovskaya

The exposition is exhibited in the Central Exhibition Hall. The protagonists are gods, extraterrestrial creatures, and saints. The canvases portray the violent energetic. The gist of the matter may be in the technique, or may be in the subjects, or else in the personality of Hoteya herself. She says, she regularly meets extraterrestrial creatures, she is visited by the gods and the saints.

“All this has been happening to me for many years now; simply I have never attributed to it any importance whatsoever. Fireballs sprang out of my hands, household equipment used to ignite, and other anomalous things occurred,” says Hoteya. “Recently I started painting. It is the real world, the events that realistically happen to me.” I do not invent as many artists do. Until I have completed the picture, I will never calm down. I do not set myself the objective of winning the spectators’ hearts by my pictures; but I aspire to deliver to them the information about this world with the help of my painting brush. It cannot be portrayed by words and gestures. It can only be relayed on the canvas via the colour and the subject-matter. I am not an artist, and have never been trained to be one. My dabbing the canvas with brush and paint commenced with the advent of the “Aliens”, and it is the chance granted to me by the Alternate World. In one of the pictures a creature is depicted in the glow of flames. It coquettishly gazes at the prone female. The female is Hoteya; she was visited by an inhabitant of another galaxy.

At 05:30 on 15 May 2007, I open my eyes; there is an intolerable heat in the room – recollects Hoteya. A huge glaze of fire and that man inside it. The tip of his nose was moving, his stare was admiring and somewhat coquettish. He evidently tried to be to my liking. A bit later the daughter came in and asked for semolina porridge. He asked me “And what is semolina porridge?” and then stayed in the flat for somewhere about one and a half up to two hours, telling about his planet. Later I was unable to constrain my desire to paint him. And here is my second trip through the outer space.

Via the channel of fine-tune communication I used to enter into communication with the Father of the Universe. I was there for a long time; it was very hard to bear. I reclined on my bed; four creatures bent over me. It was said: “It’s about time. Time!” There was a roar of sound as if in a cinema hall and there was such a sensation as if you were falling from the bridge and into the abyss. Such sensations haunt me each time I get to another planet. Hoteya twice painted the picture “The Admonition”. Its “plot is construed on religious motifs. The narration here is about wars and catastrophes”.

But ever since 2000 very intensive actions on the part of extraterrestrial creatures have started – they began working on my body. It was very painful. I wondered why I perceived diseases of people, why gods descended down to me, why extraterrestrial creatures arrived flying from various galaxies, and why historical personalities came. Those situations, which occur with me, there are living witnesses. All of a sudden there appeared scars, bruises, and blood. But I understood – I knew the truth. Someone comes to me to be treated, some to solve their problems. Many become my students. We combine quantum physics, higher mathematics, history, religion, philosophy, theology…

One is free to believe or not to believe to what Hoteya tells. However, it is impossible not to give due to her artistic craftsmanship.

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