The Planet of the Aliens 4 (0.5x0.7m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

In August, 2009 I have visited England, Scotland and Iceland. Adventures was much. But contact in Scotland was the most surprising. I have got acquainted with new group of newcomers. Me have taken away on шатл where I have spent unforgettable hours per pleasures and with new opening. Beings are similar to people, but high growth, without vegetation on a body. Their hands were so long that reached level of knees. The body is extended and thin. On a thin neck a large head. The person as the person, anything does not differ from the terrestrial, only all skin, and also a body has been covered by a grid of red vessels. It did not spoil them, and I can already have got used to a variety of others … Them there were three. Two I have remembered names – Robert and Stephen. The third said that they have decided to remain on the Earth and to marry our women. I was surprised and began to examine their bodies. On them there were no clothes. More truly, I did not see differentiations between a body and clothes. They have burst out laughing, having understood that I search. Also have assured me that with it they do not have problems. I began to feel their "skin", it was not such as ours. They have explained that their body bitulin. Having come back home, I have found an explanation of this term in the Internet. It appears that they consist from poliestirol and fiber glasses. Then me have suggested to familiarise with a planet from where they have arrived. After a lapse of memory … We face to a planet. I observe of it through transparent density of the ship. At me till now does not keep within, as it was possible to see all sphere of a planet and simultaneously life fragments on it!