Curing angel (1,0x0,70m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

On the travel across Peru, I described a meeting with Others in hotel near lake Titikako. Me have warned that after returning home I will be subjected medical interventions in my organism. And as consequences of such influence will be strong headaches. I only have grinned. After all similar I am exposed constantly. But I as could not assume, how much strong sufferings expect me.
In day of returning home, the Higher it has been told, that I have accepted gift from them with clemency, will not work differently. Certainly, they have shown that I should accept. This gift represented sixsides a subject with a sharp cone. It it was long approximately 20 see, and diameter made 3 the subject see was poured by all colours of a rainbow, and was transparent. They named its absorbent. After it has been inserted into my head, mad pains in a head and the raised temperature did not leave me. No medicines could help me. Having exhausted from such condition within one and a half month, I began to ask the help. After a while the room was filled with dazzling light. Eyes слезились and long could not get used to such light. When I adapted in this condition has seen near the bed of an angel. It was a strong constitution, and blue eyes radiated love. A few having observed my crazy kind from amazement, he has smiled and has straightened the right wing. Slightly having stirred up it, from feathers gold pollen fell down. The pain has passed at once. Having given the chance to me to enjoy one more minute its presence, it has disappeared.
It was improbable! Angela is also they near to you. They will always come to the rescue to you the most critical minutes of your life. Call them, they hear you!