The Unification (1.00 х1.20m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

When I was deliberating a new painting, then the furniture in the room started crackling and the vision of this piece of work emerged in my head.  For a long time I was in doubt if I was capable of depicting such great people and if I was entitled to depicting them at all.  But the Supreme Ones convinced me that they would help me and as to my abilities I did not need to doubt.  The President’s hands are folded in a prayer and in his hands there are doves kissing each other.  It is the sign of human love.  The fact that the Pope is looking not in the same direction with the others means that there is still much effort to be exerted for the unification of religions.  There is the sunrise on the background, the photos of which I took in Egypt on the Moses’ Mountain.  In the sky, there are crafts of the Aliens, which attests to the Supreme Powers’ monitoring of Kazakhstan.  The dimensions of the painting are 1.00 х 1.20 m.