The Hall of Adjustments (1.00х1.50m, canvas, oil, 2008) -

Haunted by questions, turning over heaps of books and not finding situations similar to those happening to me, I dragged on in vain, but the Supreme Ones again gave me a prompting by transferring me to the place where I never ever even thought of getting to.
Many consider that, having died, they for ever lose themselves, but one’s soul is the matrix of the planet.  Whereas the spirit returns to the contour of the Father of the Universe to receive a new task for its growth in a new physical body re-incarnation.
In November 2006, I happened to get onto a ship – it was difficult to define whether onto a sea-faring or an ocean-going one.  But that it was a marine vessel, I could feel by the smell and by the walls that were decorated with the internal parts of the various mussels.  They explained to me that it was the hall of adjustments.  Everyone was speaking, so there was the noise of voices.  The entrance into the room was shrouded by a bubble.  They explained to me that the entrance was protected by the energy plasma.  And I did not need to worry that the water could penetrate into the inside.  The dimensions of the painting are 1.00 х 1.50 m.