Reason (0.60x0.80m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

When to us there is something inexplicable we try to find answers through the Internet, agreeing with science advanced achievements in our reality but if saving answers are not found, we think that have gone mad.
During epoch of Fishes, people which have faced an abnormal phenomenon, hid in psychiatric clinics. These people tried to inform to the world of people inexplicable miracles which do not enter into frameworks of human understanding.
But imagine when you face these miracles twenty four hours every day!
Saturday midday the Higher have laid me on loading, having warned that I would remember seen and heard. I have shown interest to a new surprise, without having assumed its greatness and power potential.
After words of the Higher, bright light and my eyes has flashed have been blinded for some time. When sight was restored, before me there was a huge eye. It has been surrounded by bright pulsing constellations. In the eye centre as the constellation moved. All this weight was similar to huge fighting heart. All moved, but did not leave the co-ordinates. On my conceivable question: «Who it?», the eye has answered: "Reason". I was surprised to such magnificent visit a little. The reason told about much, accompanying holographics pictures. Throughout all contact my body was in plasma with huge temperature. I was not left by thought that from me probably there were already ashes and my spirit talks to an eye. After this communication almost all was forgot at once and only two fragments and two texts remained in my memory. Can be that day when I will recollect about what there was a conversation will come.
On the right the cruiser is located. This ship of the improbable sizes. In the beginning of August I have been invited for its visiting. We have arrived to it on small шатле, the cruiser moved "short moustaches" forward. What for others would like that I would remember its appearance and have left it in memory. On a cruiser there were people same as we, but very high growth and athletics combined. They have shown me the world and this only thing that remains in my memory from contact to them.