Tear (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

The life in a physical body is interfaced to tests which are quite often almost impassable. Emotions of sufferings quite often pour out in tears. Vital problems do not develop from air. Nothing happens simply so. Each heavy moment in your life has a source. And problems is already a consequence of your thoughts, words and acts. Certainly, suffering from loneliness, illnesses or from absence of a due prosperity, you also do not reflect that first of all it is necessary to find the reason. Ask itself a question: «And why this sad situation so has developed? After all you were born to be healthy, to love and be rich!» But during the life you have envied to what that to personal happiness, to someone have regretted copeck or whom that the destruction, or something like it have wished. In problems of the person it is a lot of reasons. But all of them have one basis: do not become proud, do not bear ill will, do not envy and do not condemn. But only it is necessary to love near and far as though you wanted that would love you. That's all! As soon as you understand it, your life will start to be reconstructed to the best.
Showing negative emotions, you destroy power bodies. That cover which keeps you and feeds with vital force – energy. And you become defenceless before dark problems more and more rolling on you.
In a picture, in the centre, only one rose is a reality of our life. And all the others are a symbol of the power bodies which condition depends on a real rose – the person. Protect the vital forces, after all your destiny and simplification karms depend only on you!
The picture has got the new owner, giving it harmony of soul, uniting consciousness with subconsciousness