Human Thoughts (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

In August 1983, a terrible vision visited me. An improbable multitude of diverse snakes were creeping on me. They hissed, glancing into my eyes; they enveloped my body with rigid cold rings, leaving behind the smell of skin and the inexplicable horror. Without understanding what was happening with me, I started yelling, addressing to God with the words, which I could not account for at that time. “Father, dear my, why did you send me to this planet? It is entirely covered with evil human thoughts!”
When I addressed Him with such howls, then everything, that surrounded me, disappeared, and in the sky the eye of God came in sight, and two oceans beneath. Under the eye there was sea water, and beneath it – the cosmic ocean. Twenty-three years had passed before I realized what happened. The marine ocean – it is what always sweeps dirt off the planet; and the cosmic ocean was there by the order of the Supreme Ones.
The name of the picture is “The Human Thoughts”. The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m.
The picture is at the new owner, protecting it from Influences of low energy and social problems.