Zaber (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

I am grateful to the creature that helped me implement my wish to portray the mystic on the canvas.  His name is Zaber.
My first picture was dedicated to him.  At 5:30 in the morning of 15 May 2007, I felt the intolerable heat in the room.  The bedspread thrown off, I turned to the window and was utterly bewildered: rotating in front of me was a fiery ball, inside of which there was a totally hairless creature, and red veins could be seen pulsing on his head.  His eyes stared with enthusiasm, even somewhat coquettish; but at the same time he had a dignified look.  His eyes arrangement astonished me – they were set vertically, as in cartoons.  Zaber addressed me in Russian, which astonished me even more.  Usually “the Aliens” converse telepathically.  His nose terminated in a long proboscis that moved amusingly when he conversed.  And his thin lips never ceased smiling.
I was afraid least the visitant’s flame should incinerate the apartment, but on a closer view I understood that the fire posed no hazard.
Zaber conversed with me for a long time.  He told me about his planet, his mission, and space wars.
Finally, my daughter woke up and asked for her semolina porridge for breakfast.  Zaber inquired what semolina porridge was.  I served him a helping, too.  And then I saw the way he ate it – a column of the hot stuff was appetisingly rising up to his nose and disappearing there.  How funny!
For a long time I could not find the name for my new picture.  Should it be “Zaber”?  “The Awakening”?  or “The Fascination”?  And then I understood that the piece was the combination of all those names.
Yes, wherever I failed (please, mind you – I have never formally studied that), Zaber helped me out.  All I had to do was to touch the canvas with the tip of my paintbrush, and the dabs of paint were right there.  As if in a fairy-tale!
Many people know Michael Ende's “The Infinite Book”.  It describes how people ceased believing in miracles, and the Dark (or the Nothingness) started to devour the World, leaving behind only terrible monsters, the black holes.
Do believe in miracles!  The Supreme Ones furnish signs to each and everyone, and almost everyone can tell about miracles worked on them, however small they can be.  And that they were slightly astonished without attributing any special importance to such miracles.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m. The picture is sold and gives to new owners love, good luck, and direct contact to other world.