The Flying Painting (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

In my life, there occurred and have been occurring very many miracles.  And one of such amazing instances involved two paintings.  One painting, in the period of my childhood, was in no way willing to hang on the wall at all.  Incomprehensibly, its string used to sever, and the painting would sail down onto my head.  The unexplainable behaviour of the painting resulted in the fact that it was simply given as a present to other people.  In 1990, the case repeated with The Admonition painting.  Following multiple attempts to suspend the painting on the wall, a clothes line had to be fastened to it.  But it was of no help, too.  Someone’s invisible scissors would cut it at the two sides and it smoothly hovered down onto the floor.  But when we were more insistent so that to secure it in the designated place, then it, having come off, came down on the floor breaking jars with jam that were placed at the wall.
Depicted on the right, there is an iridescent Essence.  I tried if only to portray it.  Just imagine a multitude of foil triangles assembled into a circle and playing colours in the sun.  Two persons have already encountered the Essence, thinking that something was wrong with their eyes.  This substance comes along every month.  It stays for not long near me since the very heavy energy.  Earlier, I used to feel a strong pain in my chest and nausea.  But now my body is well prepared, and I can feel but slight dizziness.  I asked what they consisted of.  They answered that they depend upon isotope densities.  This Essence I described in my journeys.

The picture is sold and bears to new owners cleanliness in family relations, love and harmony, and also all-round aid in the decision of all human questions