The Bark of Amon Ra (0.65х0.65m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

When I descended from the Mount Kailash (Central Tibet) and we were on our way to Saga City (we were en route for more than five hours), hovering above our car was Amon Ra in a mini-bark and accompanied by Avinedok, a friend of his.  Avinedok is a planetary prince of the planet Neptune.  From the very beginning our relations with Avinedok went wrong, and at the least contact hostility arose both on my side and on his.
They are quite a pair of chatter-boxes.  We discussed terrestrial roads, people, and everything else concerning people.  But that time we reconciled.  Ra characterized Avinedok as a good comrade and an excellent expert.  I conversed a lot with Avinedok, and had a feeling that it was also interesting to him, too.  At the end of our conversation I promised to paint a picture with his participation.  I kept my promise.
Depicted in the picture is the part of the compartment aboard the bark, that moment, where, turning me to his friends, Ra asked me: “Would you mind my introducing you to someone?”  And I saw a tall person, offering me his hand.  And doing so, he said: “Well, how do you do, little snaky!” Next to Amon Ra you can see Ariel, behind Avinedok there is an unknown one, and Beelzebub is on the right.  I very well know Beelzebub, and what they write about him is all tall tales.
The picture is entitled “The Bark of Amon Ra”.  Avinedok remained pleased, although I could not portray his face with precision.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.65 m x 0.65 m. The picture is sold and bears to the new owners harmony in family relations, enriches energy of health and helps with prosperity replenishment.