The Alien – A Geneticist (0.45х.0.55m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

Thanks to TV, newspapers, and just to communication, many people are aware of cases where the “Aliens” kidnap people and perform various experiments on them.  Those who suffered that will take such contacts heavily as they have much to suffer seeing what is done on them; at all that there are cases when “this” can be done almost with no anaesthesia at all.
I cannot see what is done on me and patiently stand their interference into my body.  When such interferences became impossible to hide, the Supreme Ones convinced me not to be afraid since everything was for the good, and that they would not bring me sufferings.  But at times it can be very painful.  I can always feel what part of my body they work on; I submissively render them such a possibility because I ceased to fall ill.  And my body accumulates more and more energy which helps people.  Much work is done on the brain.
After yet another such intervention they removed the “curtain” and I could see who was working on me.
A man bent over me, he did not say a word, and monitored my thoughts.  I was struck with his skin: it was all wrinkled and covered with red polka dots.
The very first thought that came into my head was that he came “from the age of the ancient”.  But also there was the sensation that our bodies were integral and I was unable to distinguish where his body was beginning and where mine was.  After his departure, for six months tiny DNA spirals and black spirals were coming off me.  As they were coming off, they disintegrated into dots, resembling firework sparkles.  It was funny and very picturesque.  This repeats nowadays, too, but not as frequently, though.
The picture was entitled “The Alien – A Geneticist”.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m.

The picture is sold and bears to new owners love, harmony, and also worries about a daily bread.