Weigh Your Heart (1,0х0,7m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

There is this expression: “This person has a heavy heart”, or “this is a person with light heart”.  Certainly, the state of heart does not depend on its physical characteristics.  Everything is explained by the level of spiritual development of man.  But very frequently the gravity in the heart, as people believe, comes not only from his spiritual state.  Social and material vicissitudes reflect in energy “gravity”; they are “a stone” on the man’s chest.  Now universal crisis is here.  There is advertising on TV, people are called to manifest positive thinking in any situation.  And if this does not occur, then people terminate their lives before time, and it is very tragic.
In “The Book of the Dead of Ancient Egypt”, the fine world analyzes the life-time acts of man by weighing his heart.  Set and Anubis meet the soul of the deceased and, taking his heart for analysis, put it on the scales.  The heart is on one scale, the feather of Ibis is on the other.  And if the heart is heavier than the feather, then worse living conditions and worse body are given to that man in his future life.  Living today, you prepare yourselves for your next life, for its new conditions.  Karmas and energy-indebtedness are never change, nor can be reassigned to others; they can only be worked off.  However, the fate of man at the present stage of his life can be changed.  Everything depends on yourselves, on your thoughts, and on the result of thoughts – on your behaviours.  “Do weigh” your heart and do feel, how much your heart weighs!  The dimensions of the picture are 1.00 m x 0.7 m.