Second Gates to the Mount Kailash (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil) -

We passed several kilometres when all of a sudden a miracle arose again in front of me.  There was a sensation that our road was barred by an enormous crumpled Burgundy red piece of paper.  And above the paper there was the Mount Kailash, which I myself had seen only in pictures.  In the octahedron on the paper there were the eyes that very attentively watched our movement.  When we drove up close to the paper, it opened up and we entered a Burgundy red tunnel however not for a long time.  Then everything became as usual.
Certainly, I was telling about everything to the other passengers, but saw only their puzzled eyes and ironic smiles.
This picture is called “The Second Gates to the Kailash”.  The picture was sold and gives business confidence to its new owners.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m.