The Universe (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

On 3 December 2004, I entered the channel of fine-tune communication with the Father of the Universe.  They would not let me go for a long time, and upon the return to “myself” I was energy-wise “squeezed out and exhausted” and literally fell dead onto my bed!  I closed my eyes; the light of the ceiling chandelier was shining into my face.  Four persons bent over me; their contour very clearly visible, and it was said: “It’s about time.  Time!”
I sooner felt than heard the rumbles similar to those that occur in cinema halls with poor acoustics where ear-piercing sounds keep rolling from one column loudspeaker to the other.  It seemed to me that I, attached to an elastic rope, jumped from the bridge down into the abyss … and … I shut my eyes, fearing to see something inconceivable, whereas my body at that time kept falling through and soaring up as if spring-bouncing.
When I came to, I saw a window, and a moving bright mass behind it.  It looked like volcanic lava spilling, but, looking intently, I understood that it was the outer space, which was pierced by a tiny throbbing yellow pin.  I was granted the opportunity to observe that miracle.  The Universe bubbled and throbbed, and as its spiral was unwinding more turbulences with tiny yellow pins could be seen.  Oh, what a miracle!  Nothing similar had I observed before!  I could discern the room, from which I was observing all that – red, crimson walls, and the window was draped with black portieres.  Under my feet there was a soft fibre carpet.  And in the corner on the right there stood a tall man in strange attire.  I attached no importance to it at that time and only noted that he was a very, very handsome man.  But my consciousness again switched to the more impressive spectacle – to the Universe!
Later I groped for an answer as to what those tiny yellow pins in the centres had been?  But everything is simple – the Suns!
It was Amon Ra’s barque, I learned that much later, but his visiting of different places was very frequent.  And the man in the corner of the room was Amon Ra himself.
The picture was sold and now protects its new owners.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m.