The Smile of God (0,55х0,45m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

The dimensions of the painting are 0.55 x 0.45 m.  I spent my childhood in the vicinity of mountains.  I frequently travelled alone, delighted by my thoughts, which no one interfered with.  Rising on top of small hillocks, it was possible to admire the azure sky and the beautiful Kazakhstani nature.  On one of such journeys, absorbed in reflection and contemplation of the surrounding world, in the sky there appeared a small cloudlet.  The weather was hot, grasshoppers chirped, and the air was filled with the aromas of mountain grasses.  Gradually the small cloudlet grew larger and larger, and then human being features started to develop in it.  But the more the face grew up, the more clear-cut its outlines became.  When the face fully developed, the eyes looked at me with curiosity and the lips extended in a tender smile.  I memorized that phenomenon for all my life.  At that time I was nine.  But many years later I saw the face again.  Before my journey to Egypt, I decided to shape my muscles and started visiting a fitness centre.  That day the weather was rainy.  The sky was grey and gloomy.  I was pedalling the bike, casting melancholic looks at the sad sky.  Suddenly, right before me in the sky there sparkled a blue line.  It was as if a celestial ray cut through the rain and started pushing the sadness of the weather to the sides.  On the sky cleared from the clouds a small cloudlet appeared and started to grow very rapidly.  The same face that I had seen in my childhood developed.  For a few seconds, the eyes were searching for something or someone but, having looked narrowly right in front of them, they fixed and the mouth smiled with a soft paternal smile.  Having understood that I saw it and comprehended that the smile was intended for me, the face, turning again into a small cloudlet, disappeared.  What a wonderful manifestation!
The picture is sold, giving love of the Higher Forces, caring about Harmonies in a family, providing execution of treasured desire.