The Third Gates to the Kailash (0.45х0.55m, canv, oil, 2008) -

When you wade in places where the bottom cannot be seen, you get scared.  Scary and alerting is everything that cannot be predicted or explained.
It is just the same with the next gates to the Mount Kailash.  I could not get my bearing as to what I saw.  Before us, as the camera lens shutter, there was our world: now it opened up with the colours of the sky, the mountains, and the road, and then, shutting down clockwise, it absorbed us into some Burgundy red organism.  The sky was sanguine, blood-red and the snow was crimson raspberry-coloured.  And what was amazing – we were encircled by organized circles.  Now they overflowed into themselves and from themselves into other circles, then they transformed into various figures.  There was the sensation of a rose construed from a multitude of petals.
When I turned back on the distance travelled, I could see nothing besides the dark blue colour.  As if the abyss swallowed the previous road and there was nothing there.  The sensations were ambiguous.  And the question constantly arose: if such things occurred now, what would happen then, when I alone would be spending a night in the snow at minus 35 C?  Uh, it was dreadful!  The picture is called “The Third Gates to the Kailash”.  It was sold and now saturates with its energy the physical bodies of its new owners.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m.