The Dream (0,45х0,55m, canvas, oil, 2009) -

Many of my congregants complain that they see no dreams or that they see terrible, troubled by events night visions. Everyone perfectly well knows that the sleep is but the activation of one’s subconsciousness in the period of their consciousness relaxation. The disturbance of energy-bodies being the consequence of sinister thoughts manifestation and, as the result of man’s behaviour and words, allows the specific category of the fine world creatures to penetrate a human being’s subconsciousness. They block their thought forms or reveal fear for the development of the even larger potential of heavy energy for their own additional recharging. After eniocorrection of one’s fine bodies, the sleep is normalized, being saturated by bright beneficial pictures. In this picture I reflected what I saw while asleep. Depicted in it are all the seasons of the year. The moonlight flooded the lake and the lakeshore, bringing into my mind quiescence and harmony.
The picture is sold, harmonizing a spiritual condition of the person and Cares of a healthy dream and a financial prosperity.