The Aliens (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

In October 2006, I was visited by the “Aliens” from the Retina Constellation, from Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 stars.  On the Earth they are also called “The Gray Ones”.  Very funny folk they are!
A lady-friend of mine was staying for the night at my place, thanks to the Supreme Ones for gratifying me with such a friend!
I pushed her and pinched, but she would not awake, although usually she sleeps very lightly.  I was bewildered at the nails which they were touching my body with.  Their nails are similar to bear’s claws, and there were black suckers on their fingertips.  I touched the head of one of them, but failed to find the skull – everything was the brain.  The head was like a walnut; it was all convolutions, and divided into two heavy halves.
The skin was like lizard’s skin and of grey and grey-greenish colours.  I was astonished by his nails and the thin neck.  Indeed, somehow or other it did manage to hold up such a massive head?  In the enormous, squinty almond-shaped eyes there were no whites of the eyes, and the eyes shone with beastly brilliance.  The tiny body was narrow-shouldered, with protruding long thin arms.  Sexual characters were absent, but I felt man’s energy.  I do not know “how”, but I understood that my thoughts were correct.
When they arrived, something shoved me very hard, and I woke up because of it.  The room was filled with caustic, colour smoke, and I had smarting in my eyes.
They came to again tell me about myself, but I only laughed at the words that resounded in my head.
Such creatures I encountered yet another two times.  Once in the house of my lady-friend we stood nose-to-nose and stared each other into the eyes.  I was blinking and they were not.  But there was improbable happiness in my soul and I felt that they were conveying their joy through body vibrations.  The other time it was in the city of Cuzco (Peru), but that was not a very happy adventure.  Later on I will describe it.
I gave the picture the name of “The Aliens”.  My lady-friend also saw them.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m.

The picture is sold. The primary goal – protection against influence of low energy. An auxiliary problem - restoration of an organism and the decision of financial questions.