The Admonition (0.65х0.65m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

People will often ask themselves: “And when will the Doomsday, the End of the World be?”  This end began with the very moment when the brother killed his brother, and the son aroused against his father.  It began when people started to more and more sink into aggression, cruelty, and unrestrained malice, trampling upon chastity of soul, love of everything, and seeing the only purpose of their lives to be the endless amassing of riches at the price of sufferings and ruin of their kin.
Prophets and astronomers make no mistakes in forecasting the Apocalypse deadlines; simply its final underscoring is postponed with the help and by the effort of the Supreme Ones so that to grant the young civilization a chance to comprehend its actions and to realize its predestination.
Bitter are the sufferings of the Father of Our Spirits for people’s actions.  Many messengers and missionaries were sent to the planet.  But they were treated as madmen.  People killed and tortured them, and erected monuments to them afterwards.
The fourth picture is “The Admonition”.  It was repainted.  It had been depicted in January 1990 but got lost.  And again the Supreme Ones mandated that the picture be painted to provide the information to people.
Depicted in it are the eyes of the crying Father of Our Spirits, His reincarnation in Jesus, our beautiful Milky Way Galaxy, as well as the admonition to people.  By the way, “The Gemini” down on the right were still standing at that time, and now they are not any longer there...  The dimensions of the picture are 0.65 m x 0.65 m.
The picture was sold and protects its new owners against the loss of their kin.