The Planet of the Aliens (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil, 2008) -

Once a student of mine inquired: “And how can you prove, who you are?  What miracle you can produce?”
I was surprised, but, having proportioned his young spirit, I said: “Levitation, telekinesis, telepathy – these are no longer miracles, but only the abilities of man.  They are not the privilege of the God, but one’s energy-level training.”
In our conversation with Dear Father (Father of the Universe) he told me: “Transmit my word to children.  Since only the Faith is the miracle for the man.  But at the present one shall not simply trust.  One shall know how to trust.” And it is true.  The true faith helps to withstand cold and hunger.  The true faith gives life to perishing creatures.  By the true faith miracles are worked!  There is no difference what you call the God, but the Trust in His love helps to accomplish the incomprehensible for the man.
On 23 December 2007, in my bedroom, between the chest of drawers and the bed, the wall suddenly disappeared.  And from that cavity noise and music were heard, as if a restaurant door opened.  Entering the room one after another were tall, very short-cropped men.  All were wearing black classical trousers, and their shirts were of various mellow tints: blue, pink, cream, and white.  They passed by my bed, driving me into exaltation, and were off through the right corner of the room, As if they could not leave otherwise.  One paused and sat on my bedside.  He kept silent first, and then asked “Would I like to see their planet?”  I answered: “You bet!  Who would refuse that!”
I do not know how, it was apparently teleportation, I felt myself on the edge of an orange sea.  My hair and dress were blown by a soft breeze.  The water moved not like as on our Earth, in waves, but seethed somewhere from beneath.  But not this was important!  The columns, towering from the water, seemed to reach the skies.  And there was white sun in the sky, and the sky was not blue, but yellow.  There was no vegetation on the soil at all.  This way I was transported to many planets.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m.  The picture was sold and it donates to its new owners warm conjugal relations and controls the growth of abundance in business.