First Gates to the Mount Kailash (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil) -

I was to get to the inner crust, to the isthmus of the Mount Kailash and to Ishvara’s sarcophagus (Central Tibet).  But before getting there it was necessary to cross the Takla Makan Desert.
Constantly hearing about people perishing there or going insane upon their return, I was worried least mine should be a one-way road.
But the Supreme Ones constantly provided signs that there I needed not to worry.  It is a pity that human consciousness has not eliminated in itself the distrust to what others cannot see.
On 6 October 2007, I was passing the Takla Makan Desert; my seat in the car was the front one.  I saw to the left of me the enormous solar disk with raspberry-coloured and emerald flashes around it.  The snow was crimson.  I shrieked with elation that there was crimson snow around and the amazing sun.  But the people travelling with me could see nothing of all that.  And dead seriously they were thinking of me as of a child in the heat of her play.
I photographed the miracle.  And, oh joy!  There were ships in the picture, and a huge sign up above on the left.  But at that time I did not know what it could signify.  On return home, I started searching literature.  But someone or something pushed me to look for the answer in sacral medicine, and there I found it.
In the column of the solar plexus of man there is a bone; in the esoteric it signifies the harmony of soul and body.  But at that time I did not know about this soothing sign and continued to foolishly worry.
Never mountaineering before, ascending the Mount Kailash I encountered such trials that were a challenge even to some mountain-climbers.  The picture is called “The First Gates to the Mount Kailash”.  It was sold and now provides care of the harmony of soul of body of its new owners.  The photograph is attached.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m.