The Perception (0.70х1.00m, canvas, oil, 2008) -

Each and every male energy tends to female one in order to merge in the vortex of the dance of tenderness, passion, and love.  And each and every female energy strives to perceive that force of authority and power, which, connected with tenderness, becomes vulnerable and childishly happy.  Everything subconsciously and consciously existing on our planet and in other worlds is governed by the dance of orgasm.  Some strive to prolong themselves through their posterity.  But each and every at the subconscious level will seek for the burst of indescribable force of passion in the entanglement of Yin and Yang.
When I for the first time perceived Amon Ra in January 2005, he was wearing a horned mask.  He either attempted to frighten me, or maybe he was governed by something else, but I failed to learn that.  The only thing that I perceived was not horror, but shame of a chaste bride on her first marital night.
The picture is called “The Perception”.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.70 m x 1.00 m.