He Shalt Come (0.65х0.65m, canvas, oil, 2008) -

Oft the signs, predestined for a specific person, can be seen only by him they are intended for.  But in my cases it is otherwise.  Collective hearing and visioning.  So it was that time as well.
At 15:30 on 8 December 2006, a student of mine and I saw in the sky a cross and rose.  Later I learned that it is the Knights Templar Cross.  The sky was fiery, and all around was reflecting that colour.
On 8 July 2007 and also at 15:30, I saw the cross, which was drawn on the right; this was exactly before the trip to East Tibet.
On 8 September 2007, in the night sky at full moon there appeared the cross (it is depicted on the left).  More over, it was in combination with numerals.  And the tips of the cross were like clock hands.  Above – three, to the right – three, below – six, to the left – nine.  3 x 3 and 9 make a dual trigon.  And 6 is the number of humanity, which denotes the irreversibility, the inevitability.  Maybe, it was concerning me and, maybe, it was concerning the entire humankind?  This remained a riddle.
The picture is called “He Shalt Come”.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.65 m x 0.65 m.
The picture has got the new owner, caring of its safety at power and physical level.