Amon Ra on Horseback (0.45х0.55m, canvas, oil, 2007) -

One of the great miracles of my contacts is Amon Ra, the God of the Sun!
In October 2005, I felt a strong vertigo and a pain in my chest.  I asked my daughter to pour off wax over my head and to say prayers (I also tell fortunes with wax, too).  I saw a very beautiful face with clear-cut outlines as well as accuracy in the décor of the apparel.  The face looked at me over the right shoulder.  I adored the handsomeness of the man and then paid no attention to him anymore.  My condition improved and, having squashed the wax, I forgot about the event.  But nothing retires anywhere and no single event, encounter or purchase is ever accidental; all these things are stipulated in our programmes.
For almost six months the face haunted me, waking up inside me the desire to learn who he was.
Eagerness unexpectedly arose to study the religion and the customs of the ancient Egypt.  And only after I got to know this side of the ancient world, he arrived through a contact person into my world.  But, very same as any terrestrial living being, I tried to confirm everything by material sources and not to blindly take things for granted.
Studying “The Secret Doctrine” by Ye. Blavatskaya, I encountered a description of that face and the clothing.  Later they brought me a papyrus from Egypt which also relayed the face on wax.  Although I continued to doubt their presence, the interference in my life of the alternative world repeated over and over again.  And the understanding was given, that the image will “haunt my soul” until I paint it.  It was with awe that I began to draw him in pencil, and when I proceeded to execute it in oil, I was much nervous least I should be unable to depict what constantly haunted me.
My second picture “Amon Ra, the God of the Sun” was painted; and has already been sold, bringing love to its new owners.
When I finished painting the head of Ra in oil paints, then in the sky (and it was June 2007) the waxing moon could be seen with a star on its upper horn.  All Almaty residents admired the miracle; but I know that exactly like that looks Joshua’s seal.  The dimensions of the picture are 0.45 m x 0.55 m.